Thursday, February 17, 2011

If you have a policy on your home, you have coverage for Fire.

by Seth Knudsen, Claims Adjuster

Fire is the most destructive of losses. If the fire gets hot enough few things can “take the heat.” Fire has many elements to its destructive nature, such as smoke damage, heat damage, water damage, steam damage, etc. These extra elements to a fire can cause odors, discoloration, mold, water damage, melting, chemical releases and a list of problems for your home and personal property.

Not to worry, coverage for these damages is on the most basic policy. Your only worry should be whether you have enough coverage! Policy limits that give you a repair cost of between $150 to $250 per sq ft should be sufficient coverage for San Diego in general.

Example: if your home is 2100 square feet, your policy limit for coverage A (structure) is $420,000, you are covered for $200 per square foot. ($420,000 / 2100 sqft = $200 a sqft)

To be more exact you need to find out the dollar per square foot it takes to build a home in your town.

Another recommendation: keep all important documents in a fire/water proof safe and have copies stored outside of the home with someone you trust.

We hope you never suffer a fire, but if you do we hope you are prepared.